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Mar 21, 2012 12:00pm PDT
school. there you go. indiana took their basketball program which obviously bobby nooig had a few influence. it was an amazing program back in the '90ed and early 2000s. and thul of a sudden fell apart in the early part of the decade. now this coach, coach carerean brought this team back. >> save something for the interview. you're excite popped. >> we loi am. >> ewith love it when you're passionate. i'm dpon lon lemon in today for brooke baldwin. president obama's about face of a controversial oil pipeline and housing number, some good, some bad. roll it. police have pinned down a suspected jihadist of a rabbi three schoolchildren and three soldiers. [ no audio ] >>ening okay, parentally we're having an issue. we'll get back when we get it fixed. barack obama will speak a little more than an hour from now. bree i brianna, i saw the note last night when you got the information on this story. this is the beginning of an energy tour for the president. that was very interesting wh enyou uncovered it. >> that's right. that had to do with the keystone pipeline. or the southern segment
Mar 2, 2012 6:30pm EST
-universal television >>> good evening. tonight, a u.s. senator from indiana said they'd appreciate the prayers of everyone watching television tonight. we are covering a severe weather outbreak tonight, the likes of which we have not sure we've ever seen before. 155 million americans have been in the path of severe weather today and tonight. we had tornados in eight states. at one point this evening, there were 19 separate tornado warnings. we've seen 163 warnings today overall. they're all over the map in the southeast, including major cities. including some smaller towns that are frankly no longer standing. at the heart of some of these storms is some of the strongest weather this planet can produce. our team has fanned out to cover this. we want to begin the broadcast with where the worst of it is. dr. greg forbes is the severe weather expert at the weather channel. dr. forbes, we've been watching you all afternoon. one point you apologized to viewers. you were unable to talk about all the tornados, just the most severe. where is the worst of it right now? >> well, brian, there's quite a li
Mar 2, 2012 1:00pm PST
the region. the town you'll hear about today and tonight and tomorrow is henriville, indiana. reports out of there. about 600 homes. the town took a direct hit from a quarter mile-wide tornado. including the school that is there. we're going to try to get more information. they have had responders that are trying to get into henriville and finding it very difficult. they are calling for people to head to henryvill to help with the search and rescue. the storm has left the region. northern kentucky is where we're watching the worst of the storms. it went along the ohio river. now going through kentucky. if you're in walton, kentucky, or just south of there, the same tornado is still on the ground and heading for your area. you'll also notice the purple and reds. they are getting dangerously close to louisville. the strongest of the storms will go through louisville. there's not a tornado warning for louisville, but just to the west, there's a tornado warning. now is the time to gather your family if you're in the area. moving at 70 miles an hour. they will be in and out in a hurry. we'll a
Mar 6, 2012 10:00am EST
tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair recognizes the gentleman from indiana, mr. donnelly, for five minutes. mr. donnelly: thank you, madam speaker. today i rise to pay tribute to john oliver, an outstanding american citizen who has shown commitment and service to his hometown of plymouth, indiana, our state, and our country. a native of new castle in the united kingdom, 50 years ago this month john immigrated to the united states, on march 19, 1962, when he was only 19. in 1975 he officially became a suns citizen. -- a united states citizen. he is a dear friend not only to me but people around the country and world. he began his journey in the manufacturing industry as a laborer for a small research and development firm. he moved to plymouth, indiana, to work for that company, ultimately becoming its president in 1977. nine years later john purchased the company and renamed it u.s. granules. which today produces 50% of the world's granular ue lated aluminum. with his -- granulated aluminum. with his leadership it remains a leader in technology and in quality and they have
Mar 8, 2012 12:00pm EST
indiana. a senator: i rise today in support of jobs and national security. first i want to take a moment to express my condolences to families who have lost loved ones in the tornadoes that struck indiana and other states on march 2. mr. lugar: last weekend senator coats and i toured the damaged areas of southern indiana and met with people who are dedicated to a full recovery from total devastation. i want to pay special tribute to advanced preparedness by the schools and many others that prevented even greater loss of life. also our gratitude goes out to the first responders who are doing amazing work in, some cases while facing their own devastating circumstances. i'm returning this weekend to encourage the continuing progress for recovery, and i'm working closely with governor daniels and other state officials to coordinate federal assistance that is appropriate given the level of devastation. madam president, i do rise in support of american jobs and national security in a very strong way and to encourage my colleagues to support the keystone x.l. pipeline amendment i've offered wit
Mar 14, 2012 3:00pm PDT
to the end of the process. look what we've given santorum. kentucky, west virginia, north carolina, indiana, wisconsin, even if he won all of those states with gingrich in the race getting some delegates, romney coming in second or coming in third and getting some delegates, look what happens. romney still clinching the nomination. still clinches the nomination. maybe. maybe if santorum could take away california romney still clinches the nomination. santorum would also have to win some place like new jersey to deny him. even then romney would have a big lead. that's one scenario. even if you take gingrich out on theory he exits the race say after a santorum victory in louisiana. most polls suggest again even being extraordinarily generous to senator santorum that romney will be difficult to beat. let me show you that scenario. going to change the map a little bit. first we go back to where we are today. give you a scenario. even if you take speecher gingrich out, let's say again santorum wins wisconsin, indiana, switch that one, let's say he wins west virginia, we'll switch that one. he wi
Mar 30, 2012 8:00am PDT
ones as well. up next, he speaks out. >>> when a monster tornado hit henryville, indiana, this was one of the first images that we showed you, a school bus impaled into a restaurant. well, now take a look at this surveillance video from inside the bus as the tornado rips through it. moments before, there were 11 students inside, and the bus driver, angel perry, made a last-minute decision that would save their lives. she turned the bus around, headed back to school, and you can hear her just minutes before on the radio. >> everybody stay together. our group together right now. go, go, go, go, go, go! one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine -- come on! 10, eleven, go, go, go! >> you've got to love it. she counts every child on that bus. and makes sure they are safe. angel, you saved those kids from this. your name speaks for itself. you are today's rock star. ♪ believe in the power ♪ i believe ♪ i believe in the power ♪ i believe that you can rescue me ♪ ♪ i believe ♪ i believe in the power ♪ i believe ♪ i believe ♪ that you can rescue me e up t. or choo
Mar 23, 2012 2:00pm EDT
, connecticut, delaware, new york, pennsylvania and rhode island. the elections calendar in may includes indiana, north carolina and west virginia's primaries. and don't forget to make your clearing house for all things related to the campaigns. watch the latest video of republican presidential candidates and president obama from the campaign trail. search the candidates on the issues section for video of the candidates' views on major ca campaign issues. again, that's all at >>> tuesday, timothy geithner testified before the house financial services committee on the stability of the international financial system. the european debt crisis and how it affects the u.s. was discussed during this two and a half hour hearing. chairman spencer bacchus and other republican committee members wrote a letter to secretary geithner earlier this year opposing increased contributions to the international monetary fund for the purpose of alleviating the european debt crisis. the treasury secretary last month indicated at a g-20 meeting that the u.s. did not intend to make addi
Mar 22, 2012 2:40am PDT
in white. paula, get us started. >> i keep scoring in this round with wins by kentucky, indiana, baylor, michigan state, louisville, duke, murray state and missouri. oh, they're already out. i also need wins by syracuse, wisconsin, the ohio state buckeyes and north carolina and kansas. can't score any more with those others. >> as for the sports guy, he can keep scoring with kentucky, indiana, baylor, michigan state, louisville, marquette and florida. also syracuse, ohio state, north carolina and kansas. all his other teams have gone home. my picks, kentucky. forget about bcu. also need baylor, spartans and louisville and marquette. in my second eight, i have syracuse, ohio state, my tar heels, and rock chalk, those jayhawks from kansas. >> last but not least, carolina and j.j. are pulling for kentucky and indiana. as well as the gators. those other teams already watching on tv. also wisconsin, ohio state and kansas for them to have any hope. they need the jayhawks to win it all. and when they filled out their brackets, they didn't put university of florida. they put fu all the way. thr
Mar 21, 2012 4:30am EDT
indiana. kids will be returning to class after the tornado in early march. but things will look different the henryville staff are working to decorate the new classrooms for their temporary home which is a nearby church. parents got a sneak peek yesterday. >> it feels like a school to me. and that is the community in henryville. wherever the teachers are, it will be henryville. >> they have plenty of supplies and everything else that the students need. it's nice to see things move along. >>> you're right. they're getting a break today to go back to school. but that long stream moisture sliding across the middle part of the nation again. there is a severe weather threat into louisiana for today and also arkansas. so we'll keep our eye on that this system is one that will work its way in here for us over the weekend. but in the meantime, we're dealing with foggy conditions this morning. and west clouds hovering at the ground and overahead. we see that the air is saturated a hundred percent. very humid this morning. let's talk about the fog and get a check of the traffic. >>> good morning. i
Mar 12, 2012 4:30am EDT
storm here, iowa showers extending down to indiana, ohio and kentucky. all this moisture is moving east. we have showers expected later tonight. temperatures have dropped into the 30s in places like baltimore. notice the little pockets of the lighter blues. the winds went calm, that is where temperatures dipped into the 30s. we are at 48 degrees. good visibility this morning under partly cloudy skies. 48 with a slight breeze. feels like 45 and those dew points in the low 30s, so the air is relatively dry. look how mild it is in chicago at 54. nashville at 60. we have a lot of warm air just off to our south and west. this week looks very spring like around here. there was that storm we were just looking at. classic comma shape going all the way down to louisiana and mississippi and louisiana. and this will be pushing toward us as we get into the night time hours. we might see a few showers linger into tomorrow morning. today though, some of the high clouds this morning with the thicker clouds moving in as we get into the afternoon and evening hours. here's our futurecast. you know as we
Mar 23, 2012 6:00pm EDT
coming up tonight. we'll have highlights at 11:00. sweet 16 basketball. indiana, kentucky is the late game. good stuff. >> it will be like 12:00. >> or 1:00. >> see you tonight.
Mar 17, 2012 3:00am PDT
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FOX News
Mar 15, 2012 6:00pm EDT
that they were kept at arm's length. as it stands now, indiana republican senator richard lugar will not actually be able to vote for himself in his state's may primary. today a county election board voted along party lines to find lugar and his wife ineligible to vote in their former home district because he does not own a house there or live there. lugar's office blasted the decision, noting the state election commission unanimously ruled his lack of a permanent indiana home does not disqualify him from being on the ballot. as of now, he's on the ballot. but won't be able to cast one. >>> finally, police, firefighters and other trenton city workers were down to their last rolls of toilet paper as a result of a budget battle in the garden state. luckily an emergency appropriation of $16,000 by the city council saved the day. meanwhile, animal rights group peta offered a six-month supply of free toilet paper rolls. the toilet paper donation came with the condition that each sheet would contain a pro vegan message that read in part, wipe cruelty from your diet. >>> from wipes to swipes, there is a
Mar 5, 2012 4:00am PST
to get to. let's get to christine for those. >> thanks, good morning to you. indiana toddler who was the only member of her family to survive a tornado, she has died. 14-month-old angel babcock was discovered in a field about 100 yards from her home. she suffered head injuries and she was taken off life support p her grandparents and her pastor at her side. the death toll from friday's tornadoes now stand at 39. indiana state police say the tornado destruction is so extensive they have no idea how many people are left homeless. 21 tornadoes struck kentucky alone. some 400 national guard troops have been deployed. the governor he's requested a federal disaster declaration. >>> trying to answer for the targeted killing for a u.s. citizen. the target by u.s. drone attacks in yemen last year. he and other american citizens were killed. sources say attorney general eric holder will layout legal arguments to support the administration's use of lethal force. >>> vad min putin is headed for a historic third term as russ russia's president, but was it fair? tearing up at a celebration las
Mar 30, 2012 2:00am PDT
the northwest earlier this month. storms that ended up killing 14 people in the state of indiana, the number could have been higher if it wasn't for a fast-thinking school bus driver in henryville. this is the video first of the tornado itself. which is absolutely remarkable in its own right. this is a massive f4 tornado that struck on march 2nd at 3:00 p.m. angel perry was driving 11 of her students home from school when she radioed dispatch. listen to what she said about what she saw. >> i'm about a minute and half from the school. >> there is a tornado touching down about one mile from me. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh is right. angel had to make a quick decision and she made that decision to turn around, head back to the school, get there and get those kids off the bus fas fast. >> everybody stay together. the group together right now. go. go. go. go. one, two, three, four, five. six. seven. eight. nine. come on. come on. ten. go. go. >> calm and cool. look at the video from her school bus security camera. three minutes after the kids got off the bus. >> man. >> look at this. hail and 1
FOX News
Mar 5, 2012 6:00am PST
difficult in parts of indiana. they went from 70 degrease to below freezing. fema and red cross on the ground there as utility crews race to restore power. have a look. >> we don't really realize what destruction is until you see it. >> we heard things like shingles falling off the roof and things breaking. >> i thought it was over. when i laid down i thanked the lord for my children and my life and a good life. >> chaos. looked like a bomb went off. started swirling. jammed on the brakes. covered my head and laid down underneath the dash. the truck was rockin' and rollin' and i thought it would never quick. bill: what was remarkable how much warning people had and still the strong enough storms to kill 39. governor mitch daniels called a state of emergency in 39 county. martha: that is hart breaking. in kentucky a 15-month-old baby was a symbol of hope for tornado survivors. the babely lost her battle in all this. angel babcock was found alive in a field after a twister killed her parents and two of her siblings on friday night. she was flown from their home into that field. an
FOX News
Mar 23, 2012 1:00pm EDT
't tell me as a hoosier in indiana that i have to do what they want in the beltway because it doesn't work. oooh, what's her secret? [ male announcer ] dawn hand renewal with olay beauty. improves the look and feel of hands in just five uses. [ sponge ] soft, smooth... fabulous! [ male announcer ] dawn do. [ sponge ] so it's not a chore. megyn: new reaction to the controversy over a college's decision to start scheduling classes on major religious holidays. last hour we told you how new york's stoneybrook university claims the change is meant to show respect for all faiths. the fallout reaching far beyond the school's campus. rush limbaugh says he seize his as just one of the issues fueling a growing sense that some american values are under attack. >> the silent majority are the people who get up and go to work, try to play by the rules, try to do everything right according to their morality and their sense of right and wrong and their ethics. my gut instinct about the silent majority is it's about to explode. it's about had enough. a lot of small incremental things have happened over 20-
Mar 16, 2012 7:00am PDT
throws down to the end. 28 seconds left, a one and one they miss and keith smart for indiana hits the shot to win it 74-73 for indiana. and then in 1993, the infamous chris webber time-out that michigan didn't have for the fab five. and that secures dean smith's second and last national championship at north carolina. so i think some new orleans voodoo here could be happening. >> i'm not trying to rub it in, but you mentioned syracuse. are you aware they almost lost yesterday? >> i am. i actually was working yesterday. i caught it out of the corner of my eye. >> you were preparing for this segment. that is work. >> i was, absolutely. i think they were one of the number one seeds in the tournament. you know, they look shaky right now. >> let's move on to number two. this is a feel-good story. which will have the feel-good story of 2012. >> i think you have to feel about about the murray state team right now. they're a six seed. they played great yesterday. they just blew out colorado state. they have got an interesting kid, isaiah cannon, who's their guard who's actually from missi
FOX News
Mar 31, 2012 6:00am EDT
the tornado in henryville, indiana? we get a look inside of the bus when it was hit bit twister. >>alisyn: if you want to make friends at work keep your desk clean. people admit they do judge their co-workers based on the cleanliness of the work space. how tidy do you keep your desk? skateboard legend in the making. i'm more of an absentee plant parent. [ cellphone rings ] tuscaloosa? schenecty. des moines. ok. ok. ok. i can't always be there to weed my petunias. so now we use miracle-gro shake 'n feed plus weed prevente it feeds plants and preven weeds for up to three months. so my plants grow bigger, more beautiful, without all thweeds. guaranteed. [ cellphone rings ] with miracle-gro shake 'n feed, anyone can have a green thumb. [ cellphone rings ] everyonews with miracle-gr multi-policy discount. paperless discount. paid-in-full discount. [yawning] homeowner's discount. safe driver discount. chipmunk family reunion. someone stole the nuts. squirrel jail. justice! countless discounts. now that's progressive. call or click today. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in m
Mar 6, 2012 10:00pm EST
indiana, i really couldn't represent anybody famous because everybody living would have already been represented, so really, the only opportunity was to represent deceased people, and i happened to notice that deceased personalities didn't have, really, any protection. >> until roesler came along in the early '80s, a celebrity's right to control or profit from their good name was buried along with them. their heirs had virtually no say in how their loved one's image or persona was used and no claim to any of the monies they generated. so roesler set about trying to change that in courts and in state legislatures around the country... your first client? helping to establish what is now recognized as the postmortem right to publicity. the right to publicity-- i don't remember reading that in the bill of rights. where does that come from? >> we have the right to prevent our name, our likeness, our image, our signature, our voice from being used in some commercial fashion. >> now in a number of states, that right passes on to the heirs, just like a house or a bag of old coins, and one of
Mar 13, 2012 8:00pm PDT
's home state, i'll give santorum west virginia, indiana, santorum, north carolina. okay? romney campaign is arguing with me, i'm doing this for a hypothetical reason. santorum is closing the gap, but romney is still getting delegates, and if gingg rf is still in the race, he can't close the gap. if the senator things it's ungracious to say mr. speaker, please get out, would you encourage other politicians to ask that? >> i appreciate that demonstration. i never heard the word if used so many times in a five-minute time span. >> i was giving all the states to your candidate. >> that's right, but you know, after tonight, i think it's going to be very interesting. the drum beat has begun, talking to newt gingrich, trying to get him out of the race, but like i said, we would flefrb do that. you know that, rick santorum would never do that. he's not that kind of guy. and it depends. wi have been calling on the conservative voters to unite behind us. this is another indication that proves we're not just a regional candidate. that's very important, and you know, if newt gingrich stays in, a lot
Mar 20, 2012 4:00pm PDT
, santorum people say no, we can play here. other santorum people say we can play in indiana. these will be key contests, west virginia, i'll give to santorum, north carolina for the sake of this hypothetical, santorum. it still has romney clinching. where else, if you look at the map. santorum under this scenario, being generous, louisiana, texas and wisconsin, indiana, what has to happen for senator santorum is under this scenario, romney would clinch by the finish line. how does senator santorum stop him? he has to win all of these states. then he would have to take away one of the big winner takes all. like california or georgia. but if you look at the math right now, governor romney is winning a majority of the delegates. he only needs 49% from here to the finish line. senator santorum is winning 20% up to today. he needs 70%. you can run that by the math experts. you guys tell me, who changes the map and how? >> all right, john avlon, who changes the map and how? >> i think the thing to remember right now is that it is not about what candidate can beat mitt romney. it's
Mar 23, 2012 3:00pm PDT
of his stops in indiana. >> not only did he pass romney here, which is a government-run health care program that has insurance mandate, fines if you don't buy insurance, beating for the employer and the employee, and, of course, has all of these bells and whistles taos what policy you can buy, how you're going to buy it, who you're going to buy it from, just like obama care. >> that, of course, was rick santorum and not mitt romney, but i bet you knew that. senior cnn correspondent joe johns is in louisiana for oopsz tomorrow's republican prez kennke -- presidential primary. how much did they get on the campaign trail? >> reporter: well, candy, it was certainly one of the things driving the day, i think you could say that for a lot of reasons. number one, the in fact this is the anniversary of the president's plan, also the fact that the supreme court stake it up next week. kate talked a little bit about that. mitt romney in metairie, louisiana, kicked off the day talking about the health care plan quite a bit talking about repeal of the plan, replacement of the plan. he had an op e
Mar 19, 2012 9:00am PDT
because you have north carolina, west virginia, indiana may 8th all coming up on the same date. let me tell you, you don't have moderate republicans voing in those primaries. indiana race is going to be very, very hard fought especially for dick lugar who is now in big trouble in his state. if i were rick santorum, i would put my head down, shut the hell up, talk about the economy and slug it through may. romney can keep doing what he's doing but it's going to be a big nasty mess. >> santorum today st. louis actually basically in front of a reagan statue in dixon, illinois, making the claim that he is the guy. he's the reagan conservative. he wants to take this through it the conservative races you're talking about and onto the convention. wendy, you have historical context here. >> this is the land of lincoln. abraham lincoln had his own problems. he didn't sail into the nomination. he had struggles. he said a house divided cannot stand. these are destructive politics. santorum has to decide if i don't get the nomination, what do i want in the. >> health and human services >> somebody
Mar 24, 2012 4:00am PDT
indiana 102-90 in the semifinal. winning was north carolina who needed overtime to beat the ohio bobcats. the question is how am i doing on the cnn anchor leaderboard? not bad, i'm in a tie for third as we head closer to the final four, go syracuse. let me know how your bracket is doing, tweet me at randi k@cnn. >> in exchange for services, clyde anderson shows us how, next. today, we stand against the tyranny of meager travel cards. battle speech right? may i? capital one is issuing a venture double miles challenge. show us how much you spent last year and we'll give you 2 miles for every dollar spent on your travel reward card. up to 100,000 miles! hawaii, here we come. claim your miles at today! what's in your wallet? can you play games on that? not on the runway. no. can you play games on that? ♪ when your chain of supply goes from here to shanghai, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ chips from here, boards from there track it all through the air, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ clearing customs like that hurry up no time flat that's logistics. ♪ ♪ all new technology ups brings
Mar 3, 2012 7:00am EST
system back in better regards in the education community. doip indiana, francis on our democrats line, good morning. caller: good morning. host: hi. caller: i've got to tell you, leave no child behind was to destroy the union. it was to take money away from public schools and give to private schools and parochial schools, which is a violation of our constitution and state. but the way they got around that loophole was they gave the money to the parents. i got to tell you about something i read in my morning paper in fort wayne, indiana. a new deduction on indiana state tax forms is going to take a lot of people by surprise. the general assembly last year approved a tax break for families who home school or send their children to private or parochial schools. $1,000 per child deduction is not available to parents who send their kids to public schools. it's another diversion of money. host: was there a reason? caller: a republican of goshen, along with a senator of auburn, who actually is my aunt's nephew, who's 105, told a south bend tv station last year that the deduction was a matter
Mar 23, 2012 8:00pm PDT
going to run for the congressional two seat. toyed give it consideration, which i did. in the indiana it was a decision i had to make in consultation with my doctor and my family. this is a huge decision for all of us, certainly from my family. and last weekend on saturday and sunday we got together, and the decision was that they would support me running and i declared my candidacy on monday. >> was there conversations with congressman giffords and mark kelly. >> yes, they had both asked me to run for both seats. i ran as i indicated for the congressional district eight. then later they encouraged me to run for congressional districts two. i have their support and i'm glad of that. >> you still have fatigue and ptsd oh symptoms which would be expected with such nearness to the event chronologically. how are you feeling now? >> i feel really well. not only in terms of ptsd but physically. i have to check myself out closely before i even announced the first race. i wanted to make sure that i had the stamina and the stability in every way to get the job done. my doctor and i met and loo
Mar 17, 2012 5:30pm PDT
into monday. in the meantime, images coming from the high school in indiana where you were at. the miracle in the high school. watch. these are the pictures as the twister hit. >> right. it takes 30 seconds. that's the gymnasium in henryville high school. it is a school where 400 students attend, k through 12. the twister is hitting when the light comes up. the roof is gone, the walls are gone. if those students would have been there. they were dismissed about a half hour before that happened, it would have been deadly. >> minutes making the difference. ginger zee, thanks so much. >>> now to the race for president. it's "your voice, your vote" and rick santorum is campaigning in illinois. mitt romney heading there two. both battling it out before tuesday. but before then, puerto rico votes, with 23 delegates. in the primary right there tomorrow. i'm going to bring in david kerley who is at the white house tonight, we know that rick santorum, in puerto rico, where they speak spanish, said they to learn english, long before becoming a state. i want to get your reaction. >> they'd have to spe
Mar 13, 2012 5:30pm PDT
learned that indiana's aid application, which claimed more than 25 million dollars in damages from storms in the last couple of weeks, had been approved by fema, senator dick durbin and others were outraged. >> to think that these local communities or our state with its own budget problems can take care of this is just naive. >> reporter: fema said denied applications are not unprecedented. last year's minnesota's request after storms and tornadoes was also rejected. >> turning down a disaster is never easy. we know there's real people and real homes that have been impacted. this is not about the individual or the family. this is really about looking at the impacts to the state. >> reporter: illinois is appealing the decision, scott. its congressional delegation and governor quinn will be meeting with fema officials in washington tomorrow. >> pelley: dean, thanks very much. he's a mobster turned author. now the words he wrote may seal his fate. that's next. that's next. can you start the day the way you wa can orencia help? [ woman ] i wanted to get up when i was ready, not my joints. [ f
Mar 25, 2012 8:30am PDT
can win indiana, that you can win ohio. that you can win pennsylvania and north carolina and wisconsin and those are the states that we do and are doing very well in. >> let me ask you quickly then about wisconsin. do you have to win wisconsin to change the momentum in this race? >> we just did, laid on a pretty good one in louisiana. it's a primary state not a caucus. not one you can say it's just a few people voting. it was a primary state. it was a broad turnout down there. we're going to come here to wisconsin. we're trailing in the most recent polls right now. we're being outspent about 60 to 1 here in wisconsin. but you know what? the reaction i got yesterday in traveling around and in bellview and up here in green bay was a great outpouring of support. you know what? yet, i don't know if you saw this but actually it was bowling yesterday with a bunch of folks at a tournament. he threw three strikes in a row. that's a turkey. that tells you that you've got someone here that can relate to the voters in wisconsin just like those of us in western pennsylvania who grew up in the bowl
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